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Since the ‘Renewable Energy 3020’ of Korean government to increase renewable energy up to 20% by year 2030, the importance of wind power industry has been gaining its attention more than ever before. Also, the ‘Vision for Saemangeum Renewable Energy’ announced by Jeollabuk-do has made it possible to set a new vision and goal on Korean offshore wind power. In this background, Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS) and Korea Wind Energy Association (KWEA) are holding international offshore wind forum hosted by Jeollabuk-do and Gunsan-si.

With the theme of ‘The challenges and implementation plan of Korean offshore wind power to realize the Vision for Saemangeum Renewable Energy’, 2019 International Offshore Wind Forum is intended to share the new vision and goals to encourage Korea's wind industry, as well as to present and discuss technical and business challenges and implementation plan.

Many governmental agencies and various organizations are expected to participate in this event, and it deals with various themes from wind turbine system, rotor blades, sub-structures & installation, operation & maintenance, and win-win local development strategy. The forum must be very meaningful for all participants especially for those from wind power industry and governmental institute.

We look forward to seeing you soon through the forum and send you this letter of invitation to raise your awareness in front of the important challenges of Korean wind industry.

Event name 2019 International Offshore Wind Power Forum
Date 4/24 ~ 4/25
Venue Gunsan Saemangeum Convention Center(GSCO)
(437, Saemangeumbuk-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea)
Host Jellabuk-do, Gunsan-si / KIMS, KWEA
Main contents - Keynote speech for the vision on domestic offshore wind power
- Presentation on domestic and international offshore wind power and discussion

Co-chair of organizing committee,
Dr. Ji-Sang Park, Director, Wind turbine Technology Research Center, KIMS
Dr. Jun-Sin Lee, Chairman, Korea Wind Energy Association

Main Contents

Background and Purpose

Since the Korea’s national policy ‘Renewable Energy 3020’ to increase the use of renewable energy up to 20% by 2030, the importance of the wind power industry has gained more attention, and with the ‘Vision for Saemangeum renewable energy’ announced lately by the government, new vision and goal for offshore wind power are being created.

Through 2019 International Offshore Wind Forum, we would like to share the new vision and goals for Korean offshore wind industry. Furthermore, we will make use of the forum as a place to open up new opportunities to suggest and discuss a technical and business challenges and implementation plan as well.

『The challenges and implementation plan of Korean offshore wind power
to realize ‘Vision for Saemangeum Renewable Energy’』
Participatory institutions
The Korean government
and its affiliated organizations
MOTIE, Jeonbuk, Gunsan-si, Saemangeum Development and Investment Ageny, JBTP, KETEP, KEA
Korean wind power companies
and R&D institutes
KEPCO, KOWP, IWEST, KOSPO, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Hyosung Heavy Industries, Unison, Human Composites Co., Ltd , D&I corporation, GS E&C, Zentech, SM Instrument, Windtech, HYUNDAI Engineering & Steel Industries, Seil Engineering Co., Ltd, KIMS, KIER, KIMM, KERI, KHNP, University of Ulsan, Kunsan National University, Chonbuk National University, etc.
Institutes specialized
in offshore wind power
Vestas (Denmark), Aldott TechSolution (German), Windnovation GmbH (German), COWI A/S (Denmark), Danish Embassy in Korea, etc.


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